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I’m not prepared; can I still pass my exam?

Many students wonder if they can go to the examination hall without preparation and still get at least passing marks in their exam. Generally, it is always a bad idea to enter the examination hall without preparing for the exam. However, students can still get passing marks in the exam if they do their best to answer all the questions with whatever knowledge they have.


When students start using an assignment writing service in Australia, they completely forget that they need to prepare or their exams. With the help of the online writing service, they keep on getting good grades in their assignments which makes them overconfident. This is mainly why they fail to realize that they need to study hard for their exams.  So, when the exam time comes, they suddenly realize their mistake and start to wonder how they can score well in their exams. Although, it is not possible to score good grades in an exam when you are totally unprepared for it; however, you can still get an average grade for making the right attempt.


Try not to leave any question unanswered when you are struggling to get passing marks. Answer all questions as broadly as you can so that your examiner is somewhat forced to give you some marks for every answer. This way, you will greatly improve your chances of getting a passing grade overall.