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CSR Film Review: Devin Funchess’

Week 2 performance and 2017 outlook Since entering the NFL in 2015, Devin Funchess has had his fans and detractors. Funchess received glowing national hype before the 2016 season with MMQB’s Peter King declaring that he will have a better year than Kelvin Benjamin Daeshon Hall Jersey. That prediction did not turn out well. Benjamin had his struggles last year, but Funchess was more frustrating. Funchess was only 21 years old when he was drafted, so he was a raw prospect. The questions about his positional designation continue to persist, but, with Greg Olsen’s recent injury, Funchess has a chance to improve his production. First, Devin Funchess is a wide receiver. He is not a tight end. However, it’s important to note that Mike Shula lines up the tight ends everywhere. As fellow CSR film junkie CP notes, Shula lines up Funchess and Benjamin in the slot just like he does with Olsen. The tight ends and wide receivers run a similar route tree. while this is correct, Olsen played a ton of snaps in the slot and outside as a WR. In 2nd half of Bills game we saw them put KB+Funchess CanadianPanther September 18, 2017One of Funchess’ most popular and effective routes is the “bang 8” across the middle. Funchess is still undefeated on bang 8 routes. All day.