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by over 3,500 from 2016 as part of the new CBA. And yet, we're getting players busted for steroids — I mean, somebody was using winstrol. I was on the finish line in 1988 when Ben Johnson won the gold medal — that's what he was taking, it was the first time I had ever heard that word. And, we're using old fashioned, Eastern European drugs, which makes me wonder: Are we doing better, or are we doing worse, Ken?DAVIDOFF: I think the reality — and I'm the clear outsider in this room, this is the outsider's perspective — is that there's always going to be this. I mean, Commissioner Selig did a lot of great things, but I think he was mistaken in thinking, "We have eradicated this from the game." We clearly have not — I think Commissioner Manfred has been more realistic about it — it's always going to be there. All you can do is put in the best possible testing. I think the testing has improved leaps and bounds from the times that CC started and then Curtis started, but clearly the chemists are always ahead of the testers, right? So it's a constant spy versus spy game.Performance-enhancing drugs remain a part of baseball. Are the penalties strict enough?SHERMAN: These are uncomfortable questions, so I'll throw it out to the three players, whoever wants to jump into it. On one hand, I sense that clean players are really upset when somebody's cheating — it's your livelihood, it could be keeping somebody out. On the other hand, when somebody comes back from a suspension, they're taken right back into the family, they're protected, as opposed to maybe … I mean, I don't want to take a guy out and completely ostracize him, but the ability to speak out even against a teammate.GRANDERSON: I think fans even do it as well. I mean, all of a sudden, you hear them getting booed for a player and then they blast him, when they find out this person cheated, then that person comes back and they're cheering him they're rocking his jersey, they're doing all these different things. So it's happening across the board. For whatever reason, I think a lot of people just want to know you did it, and "We caught you, OK great now we can move on." So, I think from the outside, that's what a lot of people feel, whether you admit it or we gotcha, ‘Now, OK, we're good. Let's go on to the next thing and come back and help our team win. That's all we want to see you do.' From a player's standpoint, we understand that guys make mistakes, you know we're all human and none of us, by any means, have ever been perfect and never will be. So if someone does something like that, obviously it's something that you never want to see happen, you never want to see someone close to you — whether it be a friend or a teammate, something like that, and you take it as a mistake and move on. He served his time, and now it's "Come back and get ready to play baseball."SHERMAN: Should we be tougher? Should there be tougher penalties? To Kenny's point, I don't know that we can ever get to zero. But can we get closer to zero by being tougher?SABATHIA: I think we should be tougher. I definitely think it should be, you know, you get caught, maybe a year's suspension. I don't know what it is now, whether you get half a season [80 games]. I mean, it needs to be tougher, I think because with some people it's still worth the risk. If you can do this Dion Phaneuf Jersey, and improve your performance and, you know, improve your numbers — maybe you get caught and still come back and get a contract.David ConeNew York PostGRANDERSON: Or get caught during your contract.SABATHIA: Or get caught during a contract, so it's still …SHERMAN: And you're only losing the pay during your suspension …SABATHIA: It's still kind of worth the risk. Right now it does. So I think, I think it needs to be tougher.SHERMAN: Coney?CONE: Well, I mean the notion that performance-enhancing drugs isn't woven in the fabric of the game for a century is just not true Danny Taylor Jersey. Amphetamines, red juice, certain players back in the '50s. I mean there's — I won't mention any names — I mean there's always been some sort of performance enhancing. Everybody's looking for something. They always have been. Ty Cobb, I'm sure was looking for something, for an edge. The problem is now, the something's a lot better than what the old something used to be and record books and home run records certainly were compromised.SHERMAN: Sandy, I wonder, as somebody who has to manage players, and decide, often, who gets paid or not, do you worry, when you sign a player to a long-term contract, have you heard like "You know this guy's performance was x and then became y. We're signing him because of y. His fastball got better or whatever. Should we be doing this, and he's gonna jump off the stuff, and then I'm gonna have Johnny Oduya Jersey, the previous version of him."ALDERSON: Yeah, I think front offices do worry about performance levels — changes in performance levels — and what that means for a long-term commitment. It's one of the things that — it's only one of the things — that we worry about in long-term commitments. It's not just about performance-enhancing drugs, it's about a host of other things, just the nature of the game and so forth. But, from my standpoint, to go back to what Grandy said, you know, there's the institutional need to have discipline and punishment and policy about a variety of things, including performance-enhancing drugs.Injury EpidemicSHERMAN: It's stunning in this age, where I think if you walk into any clubhouse — and Sandy I think you probably have the numbers on this — four or five guys per staff have had Tommy John surgery. And, Coney I'd ask you this question, is: It's costing millions of dollars on the DL, it's influencing careers, it's affecting seasons, it's affecting players who never make it to pro ball because they're going out early. Any thoughts on dealing with an epidemic?CONE: So many variables involved, it's hard to pinpoint one. Certainly travel ball, private lessons, the kids who have access to those kinds of situations, and that advantage, probably are getting used more. I played three sports in high school, you know. When it was baseball season it was time to pick up a baseball and when it's time you put the baseball down, so, you know maybe that's part of it. Usage, certainly technique, pitchers have learned how to train and throw the ball harder, with more velocity, more relief pitchers than starters probably, but there's so many variables involved it's hard to pinpoint one and say, Do this, don't do that. Sandy AldersonNew York PostSHERMAN: CC, we'll do this — knock on wood — your arm in particular for, as hard as you threw as a young player, you've stayed healthy. Is it genetics? Is it luck? Is it that you're playing a lot of sports growing up?SABATHIA: Obviously I played a lot of sports, I played three sports growing up, like coming up all the way through, through high school, And I think when I was a young player with the Indians, they put a pitch limit on me when I was early: 80 pitches. And that stuck with me all the way through, halfway through my second year in the big leagues. So I was in the big leagues only throwing 80 pitches and I think that kind of set me up and kind of helped me to get to where I am today with no arm injuries. But I have a 13-year-old who's talking about youth usage and stuff. I only let him pitch once every other weekend and that's three innings at a time. I just felt like if he grows up and is going to be a pitcher, obviously I know because all you gonna do is throw a baseball for the rest of your life. You might as well go play other positions and try to go learn how to play the game that way, so I think it's just over-usage with kids and travel ball and I see some of these kids — and I'm not gonna say anything — but I see some of these kids pitching every weekend, it just makes no sense to me, the way some of these kids are getting used and it's just unfortunate. But for me, myself, I think it's just the way I was handled, you know, as a young player with the Indians. I think they put a good plan together for me, and it's worked out for me.GRANDERSON: I think the over-usage is big, lack of multiple sports is big, I played three sports just like these guys. I remember talking to a high school team two years ago, and the kids were asking me: "When did you start practicing baseball?" I said, "Once basketball season ended." They go, "You didn't go to any lessons, you didn't hit in the offseason?" No, my first time picking up the baseball bat was time for baseball practice. That was it, I think that definitely helped out a lot in terms of maintaining, keeping you fresh, switching and using different muscles. I also met with a family — they were 12 years old — and they were asking me "Which league should my son play in?" One was 80 games, one was 100 games. I say, let's get this correct: When I signed my contract, at the age of 21, my short season was 74 games. I got paid to do that. Your son's 12 years old, he's got to play more games than I got paid to do?Relief pitchers are so effective now, is it damaging baseball?SHERMAN: Sandy, you have to deal with roster management and payroll. That's all affected by this, and we hear the word more and more in the game now, which is sports science — trying to figure out where these injuries are coming from. Just as someone who has to manage it all, do you have some larger thought on these injuries?ALDERSON: Yes. Sports science is kind of an oxymoron in a way, as everybody has pointed out, it's difficult to put your finger on, you know, what's going on. In the way of a positive, if you go back 10-15 years, or 20, it was rotator cuff. And, you hear very little about the rotator cuff these days, so, there are areas where we've actually made some improvement. I think the problem, and maybe the difference between a rotator cuff and a ligament is the fact that one is elastic and the other one isn't. And, guys have gotten so big, and you're talking about usage, and s



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    somebody was using winstrol
    by over 3,500 from 2016 as part of the new CBA. And yet, we're getting players busted for steroids — I mean, somebody was using winstrol. I was on t...
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